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Child Development Programs

Child Development Programs
6767 Green Valley Road
Placerville, CA 95667 Phone: (530) 295-2270 FAX (530) 626-9511


Head Start is a Federally funded parent participation program for low-income families with children from 3 to 5 years of age.  Head Start consists of 3 major service areas: Child Development and Health, Family Community Partnerships and Program Governance. The Head Start program offers an individualized preschool experience, with a family focus, through two Head Start program options.

Center Based Program
The teacher and an assistant work with children and families 4 hours per day. Each program has the option of wrapping with the State Preschool program if income eligible.  A developmentally appropriate program is individualized to meet the child and family’s identified needs in the areas of growth and development, health and nutrition.  Family and community volunteers are welcome in the classroom to interact with the children under the direction of the teacher.  All volunteers are screened before they can work in the classroom.

Home Based Program
The Home Based Teacher assists the parent to be the primary teacher of their child.  Together they plan family related activities that are conducted in the home.  Each family is visited once a week.  In addition, the home based child attends two socialization days per month, along with other children and families enrolled in the program.

Students enrolled in a 4 hour Head Start program may have the option of enrolling in a 3.5 hour State Preschool program at the same site.

South Lake Tahoe Programs and Locations:




Al Tahoe Head Start

1100 Lyons Avenue, South Lake Tahoe 96150

C1(530)543-8240/FAX (530)541-0284

C2(530)543-8241/FAX (530)541-2943

C5 (530)543-8243/fax (530)541-0284

License #090309400


Tahoe Center Head Start

1286 Kyburz Avenue, South Lake Tahoe 96510

(530)543-8242/FAX (530)541-7485

License #093616691




Western Slope Programs and Locations:

Buckeye Head Start
Buckeye Road, Shingle Springs 95682
(530)295-4501/FAX (530)677-7216
License #093612133


Camerado Springs Head Start

2480 Merrychase Dr., Cameron Park 95682

(530)295-4516/FAX (530)676-1381

License #090321338


Georgetown Head Start
Harkness Street, Georgetown 95634
(530)295-4515/FAX (530)333-1905
License #090309074


Camino Head Start
3060 Snows Road, Camino 95709
(530)295-4500/FAX (530)644-4206
License #093605023


Charles Brown Head Start
6520 Oak Dell Road, El Dorado 95623
Portable (530)295-4512/FAX (530)621-1832

License #093501887


Gold Oak Head Start
3171 Pleasant Valley Road, Placerville 95667
(530)295-4509/FAX (530)626-8224
License # 093609412


Green Valley Head Start

2380 Bass Lake Road, Rescue, Ca 95672

Rm. B3 (530)295-4526/FAX (530)676-1529

License #093616621


Ken Lowry Head Start
6767 Green Valley Road, Placerville 95667

M2 (530)295-2328/FAX (530)295-8364

M3(530)295-2304/FAX (530)295-8364

M7 (530)295-2338/FAX (530)295-8364

M8 (530)295-4505/ FAX (530)295-8364
License # 093601887


Placerville Head Start
2871 Schnell School Road, Placerville 95667
Main (530)295-4508/FAX (530)626-5837

Portable(530)295-4502/FAX (530)626-5837
License # 090306363



Home Based Head Start (Western Slope only)
6767 Green Valley Road, Placerville 95667
(530)295-2270/FAX (530)295-8364


Pinewood Head Start
6181 Pine Street, Pollock Pines 95726
(530)295-4511/FAX (530)644-3683
License # 090317462


Rescue Head Start
3880 Green Valley Road, Rescue 95672
(530)295-4507/FAX (530)677-6814
License # 093610052